Documentary Films

We personally love Documentary Films and story telling. As long as you tell us you have a budget, we can work with you. As with any Professional Production Company, we take a great deal of pride in what we do.
We’ve Created and Produced our very own Documentary “Small Town USA”. We believe in marrying our crew to the project. We’ll hire people that are connected personally to the story or idea and once that happens it’s a magical experience. We work hard, work smart, and work safely. To Date on ANY of our productions there have been ZERO reported injuries, or accidents. We are very proud of that, and intend to keep it that way. Just in the case there is one, we are fully insured on every project we embark on.
The type of projects we really prefer are feel good, uplifting, encouraging, and family friendly style of programming. These are the principles that Star Cast Productions, LLC is founded upon. Whether the project be a Series, or a Full-Feature Documentary. We have the capacity to take you from idea, to treatment, to Script, Pre-Production, all the way to the end with Post Production Film Festival capabilities. The team assembled for your project will undoubtedly be the perfect crew for your needs.
In addition, we have a full Studio that is designed for Voice Over, Interviewing, green screen, or whatever the case may be. Bottom Line is WE CAN DO IT! Our body of work speaks for itself. Don’t take our word for it though, look at our testimonials.