Star Cast Productions, LLC can handle your video needs, whether you want one camera covering a single or multiple camera events, an entire production crew for a movie set, or anything in between – We can handle it all!

Feature Films/Short Films/Documentaries/Reality TV: Of course John can film your movie or TV show, either as a camera operator or director of photography. However, we can also connect you with the right people to get your original idea moving toward production. We can guide you through the pre-production phase, put you in touch with top-quality directors and casting agents in and around the NYC area, and when you’re ready to film we can assemble the entire crew for you. We will help bring your idea to life once filming is underway, and then we can get your video to our very capable editors – each with extensive industry experience of their own. And we’d work directly with the editor to get the absolutely best look for your project.

Live Entertainment Events: Whether it’s a concert or stage production we can provide direction and expertise to capture your show on video in the best possible way. Multi-camera views are coordinated to make your show extravagant on screen – whether your audience is 25 people or 2500. We will also work with the editor to ensure your production has the look you want. We want you to say “Wow”!

Other Live Events: With a creative eye, we will record red carpet film premieres, charity fundraisers, interviews, and corporate announcements to help convey your message clearly and cleanly. Also, these videos will provide your non-profit or corporate group with a professional visual for promotion, giving you a way to reach additional sponsors or clients differently than ever before.

Sporting Events: We’ve filmed just about every sport out there – football, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, basketball, gymnastics, bowling, and even volleyball. Our experience has landed us in some very high-level locations, including the NFL Hall of Fame Game and Womens’ Professional Soccer. We even were credentialed into the White House to personally meet President Obama and film him giving an award to a team we covered. Yes, you can see these videos in our REELS.

Filming of high school and community sporting events can meet many goals. For example, we can film overall game action for the coaches “tape” and to be used for team instructional purposes. These videos can be uploaded to a variety of internet sites such as HUDL or YouTube, securely posted on our own website to stream. We can also provide highlight videos compiling footage from an entire season or selection of games for a team OR an individual. Team highlight videos can be shown at awards banquets, and then copies can be sold to parents as a fundraiser for your team. Individual professional highlight reels can help get your student athlete into the college of their dreams, by differentiating your child from the next applicant. We can showcase not only their on-field skills in their chosen sport, but also include their personal attributes with testimonials from coaches, family, friends, teachers, and other influential people. Let us work with you to design a package to meet your needs that will also provide a lifetime of memories.

You will be happy you chose Star Cast Productions, LLC because we do our best to make your project look like the best!