Small Town USA


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Every 60-minute show takes viewers on a road trip to a specific location somewhere – anywhere – in America. But don’t expect the best-known, most popular (and all too typical) destinations. As our name suggests, “Small Town, USA” brings you to the polished, often unknown gems of Americana.

Our mission is simple: We scour the country coast-to-coast seeking the most genuine, engaging, unique small towns, ones offering viewers a brilliant patchwork of fascinating locales.

“Small Town, USA” is entertaining, educating and exciting, inspiring local folks to explore their very own or neighboring small towns in a brand new way — and to greater-than-ever depth. And stirring anurge for others to get into their cars and enjoy a road trip to some place new, fun and exciting (we cover the whole country so there’s always a destination that’s a drive away). Thus, “Small Town, USA” contributes to the ongoing revitalization and enrichment of our subject towns.

Our host will open each episode by exploring the town’s color and meeting up with a few local personalities. It’s all fun and factual. A short town history will embroider the experience. Then we’ll turn a sharp, detail-rich focus on three or perhaps four current (or annual) attractions or events, ones making that town a one-in-a-million experience.