Sporting Events

We film sports, we love sports. We have filmed nearly EVERY sport out there. Soccer, Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Bowling, and Basketball. You name it we’ve done it. Filming Sporting events from high School, NCAA, all the way to Professional Level of Sports. Here is what Star Cast Productions can do for your individual needs OR team needs:
  • Coaches Tape – we can upload directly to a HUDL or other account, or show the game on your very own page on our site!
  • With purchase of Season, you will get a complimentary TEAM Highlight package much like what you see here

  • We film individual sessions whether training or Collegiate Highlight packages or just keepsake video compilations. For an example:
  • Family Gatherings – our family had an annual Football game for many years. I wished we had a keepsake video of that.
  • Broadcasting capabilities LIVE over the Web. Complete with Play by Play and Color Analysts Announcers.
We can film these games/sessions with a single camera, or as many cameras as your budget allows. Please know one thing, we take a great amount of pride in the way it is recorded, we record with the philosophy how would I want my own son or daughter to be seen. That’s our approach and we don’t waver. The results speak for themselves. Contact Us today!